Where did the time go?

Let’s face it. Writers struggle with time management skills. We have great intentions as we sit down to write our book and then…

…social media beckons
…we check our email
…the dog wants to go out
…more distractions occur.

And after three hours have passed, we look up and wonder, “Where did all those hours disappear to?”

Typewriters with Watch: Time Management for Writers

We all struggle to stay in the zone and get our most creative work done, so rest assured you are not alone.

Below are some tips to help with budgeting your time.

  1. Figure out when your brain is at its most alert, least stressed, ready to work. For some people, that’s first thing in the morning. Others, it’s the middle of the night. Once you figure out your productive time, GUARD IT with everything you have.
  2. Stay off social media during that productive time you figure out in #1.
  3. If you get an idea for another book, or something else creative, jot it down in a notebook and then keep working.
  4. Buy an eggtimer and write in 30-minute sessions with no interruptions.
  5. You can also get some Pomodoro apps that time your sessions and tell you when to get a stretching break.

I like using the Clockwork Tomato app on my Android phone. Some people prefer other types. Choose what works for you, but the system is to have focused work, then a short break, then focus again, all in a two-hour cycle before taking a longer break to refresh your creativity.

So c’mon, writers and authors, join me in making 2017 a productive year. Manage your time, write those books, and don’t fall prey to distractions!