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Improve Time Management Skills: A Writer's Reference

Where did the time go? Let’s face it. Writers struggle with time management skills. We have great intentions as we sit down to write our book and then… …social media beckons…we check our email…the dog wants to go out…more distractions occur. And after three hours have passed, we look up and...


How To Have a Successful Book Signing

The day has finally arrived. You’ve been invited or have signed up to attend a book signing as an author! You smile bigger, walk easier, and can’t wait for the event. But wait…other than bringing your books, what else can you expect? Here’s some tips and tricks to ensure a great...


How to Write a Book

How to Write a Book How to write and publish a book often seems like an overwhelming task, particularly if you’ve never written a book before. Or maybe you’re just finishing your first novel and have no idea how to publish the book on Amazon or what options to take. This feeling is similar to...