How to Write a Book

How to write and publish a book often seems like an overwhelming task, particularly if you’ve never written a book before. Or maybe you’re just finishing your first novel and have no idea how to publish the book on Amazon or what options to take.

This feeling is similar to walking down a railroad track. You can see a little ways ahead, but you don’t necessarily know what’s around the next corner.

railroad track stretching into horizon

Some writers plot more than I do, but whether you make charts ahead of time and organize your book, or simply start writing and clean it up later, there are the main essentials every writer needs to know in order for readers to connect with a book.

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One of my friends had a great way of viewing the gigantic, ever-scary task of sitting down to write 300+ pages.

Draft #1: It’s like walking through a tall corn maze. The large, leafy plants are several feet higher than your head. You don’t know where to turn or how to even get to the end of the maze.

corn maze

Draft #2: It’s like sitting on a big rock. You can see some things with much more clarity, but you still can’t see everything yet.

Draft #3: It’s like being in a tall tree, getting a bird’s eye view. This is where you can gain the most perspective, but you have to push through the procrastination and difficulty to get to that final point.

More info on time management, productivity apps, and more coming soon!

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